Effective implementation of asset management requires a disciplined approach which enables an organization to maximise value and deliver its strategic objectives through managing its assets over their whole life cycles.  This includes determination of appropriate assets to acquire or create in the first place, how best to operate and maintain them in a sustainable manner, and the adoption of optimal renewal, decommissioning and/or disposal options.

Sanctum Consult provides hands-on services and consulting expertise throughout your assets’ lifecycle: from inspections and appraisals to portfolio management, residual risk analysis, end-of-lease consulting and remarketing, and litigation support. Learn more about our asset management services for:

-       appraisals and portfolio valuations

-       risk mitigation

-       portfolio management

-       residual value analysis

-       end-of-lease consulting and remarketing

-       special industry and/or vendor studies

-       retrospective (forensic) appraisals

-       audit assistance

-       litigation support