The international construction industry is an ever-increasingly complex environment for companies to work and succeed in. One of the main risks that occur is the negative cashflow and cumbersome administrative burden that results from a lack of timely resolution to contractual disputes.

Sanctum Consult contains a specialised team to advise on the best methods to avoid, mitigate and resolve contentious matters with the aim of limiting financial, contractual and legal exposure to all parties. This is achieved through the deployment of experienced thought leaders in the fields of claim preparation and defence as well as contract drafting & formation, but also through a detailed understanding of the unique challenges each project, contractor and client needs to overcome in moving a variation or claim to amicable resolution.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to form a complete picture not only of the technical & contractual aspects of any given dispute, but also the relationships that provide the foundation to achieve positive outcomes.

Sanctum Consult are further able to deploy specialised bespoke software solutions to bolster and enhance the likelihood of successful claim recovery.

Associated services:

- Procurement options and contractual strategy

- Contract review, recommendations and negotiation

- Contract risk analysis

- Due diligence on procurement and contract structure

- Contract procedures and training

- Tactical analysis of key project risks

- Contract administration and management

- Progress and performance monitoring

- Contract schedule risk analysis

- Specialist planning & project controls

- Progress updates and audits

- Claims strategy (extension of time and monetary claims)

- Complex change, measurement and valuation issues

- Extension of time claims

- Delay and disruption assessment and valuation

- Damages claims

- PI & negligence claims

- eDiscovery & complex data aggregation

- Strategic negotiation and concession strategy planning

- Technical support for formal proceedings

- Expert Witness Services